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Livraria Lello & IrmãoStudents are turning savvy these days, steering through college all geared up and dodging the obscenely expensive books from the campus bookstores with the help of textbook-centered websites, where you can pick up books that are easy on the pocket.

Paying for textbooks puts a knock on students’ resources. However, you can now be able to purchase new and used textbooks at considerable discounts, thanks to dedicated textbook websites. Here are five of the many textbook-centered websites students can turn to, to save on books.

  •, as we know it, is already a household name and need not an introduction. This website has a massive array of new and old books that course into the tens of thousands by means of titles, subjects and categories. It has a specific student/textbook section with improved textbook search and student-focused features that also offer different shipping option, giving students best deals there are!
  • permits you to either purchase, rent, and sell textbooks, to and from other students, offering a savings of up to 90% on used college textbooks. It boasts a textbooks buyback prices that will surely helps you to recoup some cash as well. Among its awesome features is the textbook prices comparison engine that can rally round new, used and rental textbook prices to find cheapest alternative.
  • is a website that lets you rent your books for a small percentage of the price, excluding the displeasure of selling the books back and the frustration in how little you get back, offering you a savings of up to 80 to 90 percent of the cost if you can sell all your books back to them. Users are given the option to pick out the length of your rental, the sort of shipping you desire and the alternative for a full refund within 30 days of purchase. And as soon as you’re done with the books, slip them in their prepaid shipping envelope and drop them in the mail to send it back, easy as 1, 2, 3!
  • presents thousands of new and used DVDs and textbooks online. They store a hefty stock at their Ohio-based headquarters. Aside from offering textbooks from their own inventory, they are also a secondary seller marketplace as well where users can put up their textbooks for sale online via their website and cater to the needs of students with its no-questions-asked return policy. also purchases books directly, compensates for shipping costs and receives various payment options including check, PayPal and store credit.
  • is an online marketplace offering inexpensive textbooks from more than 10,000 independent booksellers nationwide. concentrates solely on students and your textbook needs by presenting only textbooks. Selling textbooks online can be done through the website as well, giving you the option to choose to either put your textbooks on sale directly to ValoreBooks or sign up as marketplace sellers.

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