New Technologies Employed in Online Bookstores

bookstoreRevolutionary is one word to describe online bookstores – and they are changing the face of education. In this article, you can read about the new technologies being introduced by online bookstores and how they are making education better for both professors and students.

Online bookstores are providing professors and students with services they need to make education simpler and cheaper. First popular for selling textbooks are often cheaper prices compared to neighborhood bookstores, services expanded to selling used textbooks, renting out books for a semester, buying used textbooks and providing digital versions of their books. Truthfully, it seems that education is making the transition online.

Online bookstores are getting better and better – offering more services to students. Here are some new technologies you can now see in online bookstores designed to make life easier for both professors and students:

  1. Book search and Price comparisons – Book search is already a feature available to most online bookstores. Price comparisons are additional features designed to make it easier for buyers to decide which books are cheapest – whether used, or rental books or even eBooks. Instead of doing a manual search for the various options then creating a table to compare prices, the online bookstore will already do the work for you – the only thing left to do is to decide which option works best for you.
  2. Textbook trading or swaps – Some students do not want to fork out more money to get new books, so online bookstores are offering textbook trades or swaps. Swaps work by first assessing the value of your current book, and either giving it a dollar amount or a value in points. The money or points can then be collected or traded instantly for another book with the same value. And voila, both parties have new books to use for class.
  3. Class networking – Social networking abilities are now being added to online bookstores, not just because of their popularity, but to the potential it holds to really help education. Most students would lap up the opportunity to have a virtual class page – where they can reconnect with classmates to ask questions, share tips or reviewers and simply get to know each other better.
  4. Student forums or class discussions – This feature can be very helpful for professors who want to make their homework virtual – meaning, he can post a discussion topic wherein students need to comment or answer. Thus, the professor can truly check for understanding and utilize this tool to identify topics that are still misunderstood. Students can also use the forums to ask questions or clarify topics.
  5. Online notes and syllabus – Instead of emailing notes, readings or the syllabus one by one, the professor can simply add all students to the network, upload these documents for everyone to freely access and download.

With the many possibilities the Web offers, education can truly be enhanced with these services offered by online bookstores.

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